Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Feast your eyes

Ok then I promised pictures of my Charity shop goodies so here goes.

Price = either 20p or 50p each
Lots of lovely books. Some have some very retro patterns in, in fact there is a pattern for crochet clothes for a dolly. I remember my gran used to make them for my dollys when I was little. Shame I didn't like dollys but I appreciated (even then) all the work she did.

Price = £3A double duvet cover that I will using for the material not as a duvet. Isn't it pretty?

Price = £2
A Pyrex casserole dish, Mother will be pleased as everytime she visits she moans I don't have enough dishes.

Price = £1
I don't know what it is about this bowl, maybe it's merely its simplicity. But I had to have it. Don't you think it looks good on my coffee table full of fruit?

Now I feel I have to explain this next one. I am nor have ever been a girly kind of girl. My profile picture is me messing about with hats in Primark with the small people...you won't usually see me like that :) Anyway I'm not sure what was going on with me yesterday. It could have been the excitement at finding so many pretty things, maybe in my old age my feminity is starting to kick in. Who knows but tell me honestly is it not pretty?

Price = £5 for the 16 piece set

I've looked on line but can't seem to find this pattern, lots similar but not this one.

And there is still more...
Price = £1.50Again with the flower thing? Maybe I'm hormonal.

This next one is now sitting on my kitchen window sill nursing my poorly peace lily (hopefully) back to life.

Price = 90p
That's a 2p piece on the table next to it to hopefully show you how huge it is.

And finally I totally fell in love with this. For some reason it makes me think of a chicken. No..my friend didn't understand that one either. But it is lovely.

And there you go. All my goodies. I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long ;)

Today I went to our local indoor play centre with my friend and her 16 month old son. He had my climbing all the way up to the big slide (ok I did offer) but it's not just a simple case of walking up some stairs. Oh no!!.. it's one of those that is on different levels and its like a maze. And of course you have to take your shoes off but HAVE to keep your socks on so while you're climbing up a ramp (bearing in mind by the second time my wee pal had decided it was far easier if I carried him) your slipping back down due to your socks. Anyway needless to say he fell asleep in his pram on the walk back and me and his Mum decided we were going to go sit on our respective sofas and chill. So thanks blogging all this has kept me awake and now my youngest small person has just come through the door and is now rooting around in the kitchen looking for something to eat. So best go make sure she's finding something suitable. Oh and I better for sort out the spare room, my Mother arrives tomorrow for a 3 weeks stay and him indoors didn't put all the Xmas boxes away properly so if I don't she'll have no floor space. ;)


Anonymous said...

Ooooh good deal on the books, the ones here are £1!
Nice patchwork duvet, I could see it as a dress!
I like all the crockery, the big rose print one is my fave!
I love being thrifty but i have to remind myself no to buy crockery our cubbords can't deal with any more!

Flossie and Tom said...

Love the bargains - the tea set is adorable - my mum has the whole coffee set to match your teapot !!

I think she bought it in Ilfracombe in the eighties

I want to go thrifting now - hopefully if weather not too bad might get into local village tomorrow - it has 3 charity shops and its bric a brac market on a Wednesday - thats if any of the stallholders are brave enough.


Shabby Chick said...

A three week stay?! You're a braver woman than me ;)

Love your purchases, they are very pretty. I didn't used to be a flowery girl (in fact in my old house the only flowery thing I possessed was my bedroom curtains!) so perhaps it comes to us all in the end. Or it's catching through the blogs!

Is the duvet cover LA? One of the patterns looks just like Kate.

Glad you like the house and believe me some of the skirting boards are definitely not for public viewing!

Mel xxx

twiggypeasticks said...

What a haul, particularly like all the flowery, girly cups, v.nice. Was going to make your custard shortbread today until I realised we didn't have any plain flour - doh!!! Was too chicken to trek down to the village shop in the snow :)
Twiggy x

Samsara said...

Don't worry, I'm sure the flowery thing is because we've just celebrated Imbolic and your mind is turning to Spring and stuff! The chicken teapot has a lovely glaze on it; maybe a crystalline one. Yummy whatever it is, and the shapes lovely!

Shabby Chick said...

Ouch, five weeks is way worse! Good luck ;)

Oh and I can see what you mean about the chicken, the outside looks kind of feathery and plump like one!

Mel xxx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

What a wonderful collection, I love the floral patterns, mum is/was a florist so I have always been surrounded by flowers, plus when you train to be a wallpaper/funrishing fabric designer its the first thing they teach you to draw.... basic stock for design!

The duvet will definately be good for a new creation... and I love books...

Say hi to you mum in law!
hope she enjoys her stay and enjoy your break from washing and ironing! lol

x Alex

Pink Feather Paradise said...

oopps sorry! I must learn to read a little slower!lol

My mum always treats me like I am unable to make my own decisions... she actually read my blog and when she read the info at the side where it says how old I am she thought she was reading the wrong blog as I wasn't THAT old! see its official we never grow up in there eyes!
Perhaps its a mechanism for them to stay young... if they don't recognise us getting older they won't either!

x Alex

Anonymous said...

Got the book today, just what i was needing to help me along with some projects. Thanks so much and ta for the extras.
Are you still on the hunt for fabric samples?
Thanks again

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Taz, you have some great bargains there. Books in my nearest charity shops have been quite expensive I had to pay £2.99 for a cookery book last week. I have to say I love the floral girly china (Im hormonal too) but Ive always liked that kind of thing. I used to be a Goth and although I was walking about looking like Morticia Adams and wearing a biker leather jacket with various death metal bands names emblazoned across it I had frilly curtains and lace canopies over all my beds. It used to shock people who came to my house, they were expecting my walls to be painted black LOL! I think you should wear more hats, you suit them X

Shabby Chick said...

Thanks for the lovely comments about the house :)

I would never have guessed M&S for the duvet cover but their bedding lasts ages. Or it has in my little one's room anyway!

Mel xxx

PS word verification is sortoute ... do you think that's an old fashioned hint?!

Snippety Gibbet said...

I totally get the poultry connection to that pot. It looks like one of those fancy chickens that has a fancy chicken name...which I do not know.

I love thrift store shopping. ADORE IT. You found some great buys there.