Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Aladdin's cave

Ok well maybe not actually Aladdin's cave, I mean there was not big pile of gold or diamonds, no flying carpet, no magic lamp or chattering monkey but I did come home with arms full of treasures today.
My village charity shop is usually very hit and miss at the best of times. I can go week after week and be lucky to walk away with a chick lit book that I haven't read yet. But ever now and again I get really lucky.. And today my lovely friends was totally and utterly my lucky day. I think the dear old ladies that work in there thought I was little bit crazy as I kept going backwards and forwards to the till with yet more things to add to my pile. I know you hate to be left in suspense but it's getting kind of late just now and who knows if I have to get up for school in the morning or not. I promise I will be back with lots of lovely pictures. ;)

Oh but I can share wth you the pictures of the lovely fq I received today from Fabric Rehab. I actually went straight back online when it arrived and ordered more goodies. Ooops.

Till later...keep warm x


Pink Feather Paradise said...

I love the fabric, it is refreshing to get away from all the CK stuff!

don't tell me its CK!

Take care & keep warm!


Polly said...

Fabulous fabric, what a great find.

Flossie and Tom said...

Can't wait to see your bargains - hurry up !!!


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the fabric, it's so cute!!

dinosaur toes said...

Gotta love that bird fabric!