Thursday, 17 January 2008

Warning I may moan

Actually scrap that I will moan. My legs ache, my feet hurt, I'm knackered and I feel as fat as a big fat thing. Descriptive aren't I?

Right well that's that out of the way. On a good note I got my Mighty Boosh swap stuff posted out today, I'm actually really looking forward to my partner getting her stuff as I really really enjoyed making it all. Nope hang on swap anxiety just sneaked back in again...what if she hates it all?

Another good thing that happened today (yes I know I was just moaning but I'm trying my best to find the positives) was that I found 4 great craft books in our local charity shop. They're all old ones, lots of 1970s dress and shirt patterns, quite a bit of macrame going on too actually, but there are some really cute ideas in them and I will definately be using them as future inspiration. I wonder if my Buy Nothing Swap partner fancies a macrame bikini? :D


Kookie said...

Taz, I doubt you have eoungh string to make me a macrame bikini *LMAO* but I do love 70s craft books, it's like being a kid again : D

Taz said...

Aww I was thinking you could set a new fashion trend, move over Kate Moss ;)