Saturday, 19 January 2008

Bright ideas and no sleep.

In an ever ongoing attempt to be more sociable we had friends round for a few drinks last night. We all try to have house parties every so often not because we want to recreate our crazy teenage years but more due to the fact that we've all got kids and doing it this way no one has to worry about babysitters as the kids just come along too. By the time everyone was ready for home wee one her and her pal didn't want the night to end and wanted a sleep over so we all agreed yes that was fine, however by 3.30am C had decided that actually she didn't want to miss out on any Daddy time. Her Dad works away all week and is only home at the weekends so I could understand how she would want to be at home to see her Daddy first thing in the morning. Him indoors works away for a month at a time so I guess my smalls are a little more used to his absences. :( Anyway 3.40am saw me walking said small person nice am I?

Today I'd promised big one if I wasn't horrendously hungover that we could go on a 'just the two of us' shopping trip. Thankfully no hangover (again! I have a horrible feeling one of these days that will catch up with me) so off we went. She's now a very happy bunny because she got 2 new pairs of jeans, a new hoodie, some new school trousers and various other goodies.

Only downside to all this socialising is that I haven't done a single crafty thing and the dates on my current swaps are looming ever closer and I've volunteered to angel for someone so that's now 3 lots of stuff I need to get sorted. I'm working tomorrow but come Monday I WILL have to get going and start producing. And breath!

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