Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Only fools make plans.

I said yesterday I was going to spend the day getting on with Kookaloo's package but today I mostly slept. I woke up to get the smalls to school, came home had a cup of tea pottered around then went to lie on the bed...fell asleep. Woke up to pick up wee from school, came home watched a DVD with her and big one when she arrived home, wee one went over the road to play with her friend and guess what? Yep I fell asleep. I am now summoning up the energy to get up the stairs to go to bed. I don't know what's wrong with me but man I am sooooo tired.

Anyway I promised I post pics of the things I sent to KathleenAlice for the Boosh Swap so here goes.
A t shirt with this on the front

and this on the back

Of course every girl needs a Boosh bag

A giraffe skin notecard holder with hand drawn Vince cards.

A Spirit of Jazz brooch.

Some glass painted tealights.

I also sent her two dishcloths but numpty that I am I forgot to take pics of them.
Anyway she liked everything so that always makes me happy :)
I got word today that my Owl partner got her package today well you got a note saying it was at the post office so hopefully tomorrow I'll know is she likes her stuff too.

Right now I'm away to my bed :(


Kookie said...

Sounds like you ad a day like mine! I was up at 5am, asleep again til 7, asleep on the sofa when laddo went to school,did some sewing followed by an afternoon nap! This left me with just enough energy for my main evening snooze before going to bed. I blame the lack of sunshine

Taz said...

Yeah must be the lack of sunshine :D I actually managed to stay awake for a full day today but I did have help. One of my friends called round this morning, I spent the afternoon crafting for a certain lovely partner of mine and tonight one of my other friends called for a really long chat. Now though I am off to bed ;)