Thursday, 24 January 2008


My wrists are sooooooo sore. I have spent the last 3 nights knitting a ***** for my partner in the Owl Swap over on Craftster, it probably didn't help that I had to unpick a good 30cms of it because I'm stupid. Fortunately I didn't lose any stitches - I'm not very experienced in unpick and picking stitches back up. Anyway it is done just need to finish off a couple of other things and then I can totally focus on my Buy Nothing Swap partner ;) My gawd there just aren't enough hours in the day.
I am also in full stress mode because my package to my Boosh partner still hasn't arrived at her house. Honestly I'm so stressed about it I could cry. :( I really enjoyed making that stuff and will be gutted if it's disappeared.
Anyway need to go rest my wrists now so I can craft up a storm again tomorrow night.


Kookie said...

OW, knitting kills me. I've been working on a jumper for Samsara since September! luckily she's a patient,understanding kinda gal : )
Just popped on to tell you to watch out for the postman,I sent your parcel today, 1st class so it should be with you very soon ; )

Taz said...

Lots and lots of happy dancing here :D You little star you, thank you thank you thank you oh and did i say this before? Thank YOOOOOOOOOOOOU