Monday, 28 January 2008

Lucky lucky girl I am

Swapping is double fun firstly because you get the enjoyment of creating and making things for your partner and then of course the fantastic things your partner makes for you.
Kookaloo_Starr is my partner in the Buy Nothing Swap and sweetheart that she is she totally spoiled me. Seriously look at this lot

Not ony did she make me 3 fab bags, an apron, two hats, a scarf, an knitting needle roll, a crochet hoook case AND a pin cushion she made wee one 2 scoodies and a pair of felted slippers and big one a fab bag and purse. The smalls are thrilled that they got something I make so much stuff for other people I guess they like it when they get something. Not that I don't make them things too...oh that'll be my guilt ridden parent routine breaking through.

I also received this wonderful lot from Thunderchild in the Owl Swap. An owl swap waas the first swap I ever signed up for on Craftster so when another one opened up I HAD to take part again :D

She sent me a gorgeous bag, a crochet hook roll, a hama bead mat, a tissue holder, a necklace, a bracelet and a phone charm. I posted her package today so I'll hold off from putting up any pictures until she gets them, don't want to spoil any surprises.

The third swap I signed up for was The Mighty Boosh swap, how could I not sign up for that? My partner was KathleenAlice who sent me my goodies in my first ever swap(remember the owl swap?) Anyway this is what she made me

A poncho made from the Spirit of Jazz wool, a pair of mittens, a Spirit of Jazz lighter holder, some fab stitch markers and a needle roll (yes I have now taken that off my wist list but they're all full so it's no bad thing ;) )

This is what I made for her. Ok forget that can you believe it seems I forgot to take a picture of everything together. I'll post pics seperately tomorrow, this one is getting a bit image heavy.

Ok just one more thing, I offered to be an angel for someone who was flaked on in the Punk It Up Swap. Today I finished everything off.

I did stenciled and studded a shirt, made a shrinky Siouxsie keyring, studded a skull onto a wee journal and finally stenciled onto a scrap of material then stitched it on to a bag. I hope she likes it.

Tomorrow I'll be continuing work (work is such a harsh word because it doesn't feel like work) on Kookaloo's package. Good job I've still got plenty of time to make things because I keep coming up with more and more ideas :D


Bumbershootska said...

OMG the Clash stencil turned out gorgeous!!!!! Girl, you do great work!

Taz said...

Thanks hon. D'ya know I still have this PIF thing you sent me to do :( No one posted on my blog when I asked twice!