Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Snow, Fireplaces and Tags

Doesn't it look pretty?

Confusing enough title? Yeah thought so but am I really the only one who struggles on how to title a post? Probably. :)

It snowed here again last night, seems we're having all the snow early this year. I awoke to my radio (which for some reason was on the wrong channel) informing me that some of the schools in this part of the world were shut. So I looked out the window saw the white stuff and then rang the two school numbers that inform us as to whether the schools are open or not. Big one's school was not opening until 10am and pupils who came to school via bus were not expected in today. Wee one's school was open as normal but again no pupils on the school bus would be in. We live in a very rural part of Scotland so a high proportion of the kids travel in on the school bus everyday. Big one informed me that today was filled with watching films, playing darts and generally not doing much schoolwork. As so many kids were off they would only have to repeat the lesson again once everyone was back! :/ Wee one was not impressed that her big sister got to go into school a whole hour later than her and she had lessons as usual. Tough life eh? Hopefully it will be school as normal tomorrow but as it's freezing out there and has snowed on and off this evening who knows. Big one is most concerned as it's her school show this week and they had to cancel tonights performance and if they have to keep doing that when will the show happen? Wee one and I have tickets for the Thursday night show so fingers crossed the roads will be clear by then.

Ok fireplaces. We have spent ages trying to get our living room into a condition that makes it a nice place to be and not the souless room it was when we bought the house. Carpets have been ripped up ugly carpets , wallpaper has been stripped, panelling has been torn down trust me it was not nice panelling, it was cracked and uneven and had strange wee cubby holes in it that were neither use nor ornament, the useless gas fire was removed, the old boiler removed and a nice efficent one that gives us hot water all the time installed in the back of the house, the walls and ceiling were replastered, the gorgeous old (original) stonework of the house hid behind the panelling has been repointed, coving has been installed, walls have been painted, doors, skirting and wood flooring ordered and the piece de resistance was delivered today. Our lovely new open fireplace with oak mantlepiece. The manny from the shop phoned me yesterday to say it would be arriving today but when I saw the snow I seriously doubted it would make it. But make it they did (and I didn;t growl at them when they walked half a tonne of snow into my house) AND my fireplace installer manny came round at lunchtime as promised to check out the fireplace and fittings and he will be back on Thursday to start the job. Weeeeheeee! I may just have a fire burning on Xmas day as I recline on our new sofa (which is arrving in 2 weeks) I now want to rifle through all my fabrics and find something scrumptious to make some stockings. I guess I'll have to add that to my list of things to do when I can stop sleeping.

And finally Tags. The lovely Samsara has tagged me. I get a great big smile on my mush when I get a comment or a tag. I know I'm writing this blog for me but it's always nice to know that someone sees me too. Anyway here we go.

The Rules:

1) Link to your tagger and list all these rules in your blog.

2) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

3) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by including links to their blogs

4) Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

The Facts:

1. I am 6ft tall and take a size 9(uk) shoe so feeling dainty and protected is not something I'm used to.

2. I haven't had a haircut for at least 6-8 months possible longer.

3. I love music and have it on as much as is possible. I can however be a bit of a teenager if I love one particular song or album as I play it over and over again. It has been known for the smalls to plead with me to change the music and/or turn it down.

4. I have 11 piercings and 6 tattoos and plan to have at least another 2 tattoos in the near future. Apart from my nose ring all the other piercings are in my ears although I did at one time have my eyebrow pierced.

5. My brother and I used to catch whitebait in a plastic carrier bag on our local beach when we were kids so we now laugh ourselves silly when we see it being sold for ridiculous amounts of money on posh restaurant menus.

6. I love history although I hated it at school. (Thanks to Mrs Thatcher and her war years) I would love to be able to go study Social History at Uni full time...maybe in my next life.

7. I have difficulty getting hats to fit. I tell the smalls it's because my brain is so big that my head has to be bigger, unfortunately big one is too old to believe that anymore.

Right now the difficult bit tagging 7 other bloggers who Samsara hasn't already tagged. Ok here goes.

I'll have to let them all know tomorrow though as it's now 2.45am and I have to be up in 4 hours oops


Kookie said...

Can we come & stay with you for Xmas, pleeeeeeeease??? I realy wish we could have an open fire and get rid of the gas but we rent so no can do :(

My blog posts often have such creative titles as "Thursday" or "weekend" we can't be good at EVERYTHING now can we?

Anonymous said...

Ooooh your fire looks so cozy! Our house had a fire before we moved in but the council in their infinite wisdom took it out :(

As for blog titles it’s normally the first thing that pops into my head!

Taz said...

Karan of course you can :) Everyone has been trying to put me off having an open fire - the mess etc - but I was brought up in a house where it was our only source of heat so I'm fully prepared. Plus as some places in Scotland are without gas just now I think it's always a great idea to have another source of warmth LOL

Sorry Fee that's not my fire but hopefully I'll be able to bring you a a real picture of is soon enough.

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful snowy scene!
Sandra Evertson

Pink Feather Paradise said...

OOOOhhhhh snow, I love snow. Being a soft southerner I am not sure how I would get on driving in it but I would give it a go....

Thank you for the tag I will enjoy doing that today....

and your lounge sounds wonderful, I am quite envious!

x Alex