Saturday, 20 December 2008

Fireplaces, long days and work, work, work.

Off I went to work yesterday and guess what time I got home. Yes ridiculous o'clock or in English gone 4am. Have a guess now how tired I was today. Yep exhausted but I'm not looking for any sympathy. If you party hard you have to take the tiredness. LOL It was a great night though. Work was crazy busy but the end of my shift soon came round and then I could take off the santa thing that we had to wear. Trust me I have no problems with dressing up but I think they bought these tops from a special badly made santa top shop. Anyway I was over the bar and joining in the festivities.
Fortunately I woke up today feeling human (that was not expected) because I was working again tonight. The bar was mad busy when I went in but by 11pm the bar was getting quiet and the boss decided there was no need for two of us to work through till close at 1am so here I am sat on my comfy new settee, admiring my wonderful fireplace which I can't light until Tuesday. Yes there will be a grand lighting ceremony :)
Anyway I'm off to bed now to snuggle up to him indoors and tomorrow I can finally get my Xmas tree put up. Hooray!!!!

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Pink Feather Paradise said...

Well I am glad you were not too worse for wear, I only have to sniff a drink and I feel like death the next day, which is wierd coz I use to be able to take it!
I am so excited for you, is today the day of lighting?
Snuggle down with a drink and your man and revel in the warmth of your home.
Merry Christmas and wishing you a fabulous New Year.