Monday, 8 December 2008

Gnomes and snowflakes

I think I'll try to make my blog titles as weird as possible well might as well I seem to be doing so without even trying. Anyone up for a game of weird and wonderful blog titles? :D
As I am still having laptop and phone pic issues I'm having to trawl through all my old pics to bring a bit of colour to my blog
So here are my wee gnomes.

I bought them a while back out of a Betterware or Kleeneze catalogue, you now the one's you get shoved through your letterbox. I rarely actually look through them but I was glad I did when I spotted these guys. They were some silly price like £1.99 for a pair or 2 pairs for £3 or something. So I had to have 2 pairs...well who wouldn't? Ok that's just me then. They are pot waterers or whatever the proper name is for those things you fill with water and they slowly release it to the plant when it needs a drink. Answers on a postcard please.

Can't remember if I shared this with you but this is the work in progress fireplace. See that wall, that was hidden behind the hideous panelling (trust me it wasn't the nice stuff you see in Country Living) As you can see the fire is currently a big hole but my lovely man 'A' came to take out the old liner from the gas boiler (that was also hidden behind the said panelling) and measure up for the new solid fuel liner that we need because the poor old chimney is not in good enough shape to just let the smoke meander up there by itself. So that's been ordered and hopefully will be in the shop by the end of the week. I'm really not holding out much hope of having a roaring fire for Xmas day anymore but who knows.

As wee one was home poorly today I haven't got much done housework-wise oh dear what a shame as wee one needed Mummy to sit with her unless I was off getting her cups of tea or substence in the form of Wotsits. But we did have some crafty fun this afternoon during one of her more perkier half hours. We cut out lots and lots of snowflakes I'd share pics but again with the pic/laptop issue :( Anyway we had fun doing that although I will at some point have to get the brush out and sweep up all the tiny wee bits of paper. :/ Anyway then I threaded them on to some cotton and hung them up in our downstairs front windows. And they look ever so pretty even if I do say so myself (yes I know I just did)

Once big sis had gotten home from school and took my place next to wee one I managed to rustle up some cinammon and apple muffins (yes I used my new silicone cases and no they are not muffin cases but actually cupcake cases oops) Anyway very tasty muffins they are too. Big one was most impressed and has managed to eaten one or two this evening but wee one just isn't up to any muffins and the wotsits were enough for her today.

And the last thought for today.

15 Perfectly Good Ways to Put Off Doing What You Should Be Doing

1. Clean the extra icons off of your computer desktop.

2. Reorganize your cutlery drawer.

3. Stand in your shower and yodel. (Have you ever noticed how nicely your voice echoes in a shower stall? Anyone can sound like a rock star in there.)

4. Wipe down all of your telephones and computer keyboards with antibacterial cloths. (Safety is as safety does.)

5. Make everyone in your household a set of matching pyjama bottoms.

6. Sterilize all of your shoes with a steamer.

7. Separate all of the M&M's you have in your desk drawer by color.

8. Watch the news every 30 minutes just in case there is a new world crisis that needs your immediate attention.

9. Write notes to your neighbors thanking them for not laughing at your failed attempts at growing a garden for 10 years.

10. Alphabetize your CD collection.

11. Make a napkin holder out of toothpicks.

12. Audition new talcum powders. Of course, since your particular system demands that you must take a bubble bath before you put on talcum powder and since you are auditioning many talcum powders, you have to take multiple bubble baths to figure out which talcum powder you like the best.

13. Learn how to signal your neighbors using Morse Code by opening and closing your window blinds quickly. (This one could save your life someday!)

14. Count all of the chocolate chips in the package to make sure that you haven't been ripped off when you bought them at the supermarket.

15. Write lists of ways that you can put off doing what you should be doing…


Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

I'd love to leave a comment on your blog, but I'm too busy making a napkin holder out of toothpicks. This may take some time!!

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

My list :

* Read at least 120 blogs each day
* Load the dishwasher
* Unload the dishwasher
* Investigate hair for grey
* Try on all trousers to see which ones give you a muffin top .. realise it's all of them and then leave them in a big pile on your bedroom floor in disgust
* Press "send and receive" in your email at least 20 times in a 5 minute period in case somebody really needs to get hold of you
* Investigate face for signs of wrinkles

Re. Barkeeper's Friend - I didn't actually venture as far as the inside of my oven, but I think it would be quite scratchy. What do you want to do the INSIDE for anyway? As long as the door is clean you're giving off the illusion of being a good housewife!