Sunday, 7 December 2008

Party dresses, sick kids and freecycle

Yep another of my wonderful blog titles (eh Karan?)
Yesterday the small and I went up to Aberdeen to do some party dress searching we did manage to get wee one a dress she thinks is lovely but no joy for big one. Well teenagers do tend to be a bit more choosy (cough cough)
As usual we left Primark with a big bulging bag well how can you not buy a pack of hair clips for £1 or a sparking tiara headband for £1.50 But I have to say that my bargain of the day were the 12 silicone muffin cases for £2 in Asda. Needless to say I bought one pack of pastels and one pack of brights. Now to find a nice new recipe to try them out with.

Sick kids is for wee one, she had an gippy tummy yesterday afternoon but was doing ok but by tea time she was complaining of a sore head and was hot. Today she's mostly slept but was awake to watch Miracle on 34th Street. Great feel good movie. So it was early bath and bed for her and I forsee us spending tomorrow cuddled up on the sofa. :)

And finally Freecycle. As I told you we're in the middle of sorting out the living room and my new settee is arriving soon. So I have the three piece that a) we should never have bought in the first place but that's a whole nother story, fortunately we didn't pay a whole lot of money for them as we got them second hand. and
b) that it is totally the wrong time of year to attempt to sell so I figured I keep my Karma in the right place and offer it out on Freecycle but no one told me that my inbox would be inundated with requests. Now I really need someone to help me decide who I offer it to :(

Ah well tomorrow is a whole new day as they say.


Kookie said...

awww poor wee one! I hope she starts to feel better soon x

as to the freecycled furniture, disregard anyone who wasn't nice & polite in their asking, anyone who isn't sure whether it will fit through their doors and anyone who hasn't actually already got transport to collect it.

Taz said...

Brilliant thanks Karan. I had so many responses I was overawed with it all. Hoping to hear back from someone who is moving in to a new home, can pick up as suits me and worded their message very nicely. :)

Samsara said...

Aaah, the joys of Freecycle eh? :-) Hope the wee one gets better soon, although Miracle on 34th St makes up for it :-)