Monday, 3 November 2008

So good they named it twice

Yes that's right I have a taxi coming in a matter of hours to take me to the airport so I can fly off to the Big Apple :) Saturday night I threw a big surprise 40th birthday party for him indoors...he's still recovering but think that was due more to the alcohol than the surprise. Anyway that's mostly been why I've been so absent for ages so hard to blog when you're desparately trying not to give the game away. We have been up to lots of things, took the kids up to the Wickerman Festival at Archeolink and have lots of great photos to share but right now I need to try and get some sleep. See you in a week. :D


Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw u on craftster, Do you mind if i follow your blog?
I'm just trying to kinda network some scottish bloggers/craftsters.
I missed the burning of the wickerman this was it?

Bumbershootska said...

Have a blast in Sin City - give my regards to the Bowery ;)

Much affection

Taz said...

Hi Fiona. Welcome and of course feel free to pop over here all you like, it's nice to know someone finds the things I talk about interesting enough :D Oh and the Wickerman was great...very cold but great.

T!! Where you been woman?