Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Santa's Little Helper

As December is rumbling ever closer I thought I better get a move on and start getting Santa organised so I hit the shops today and managed to get a good few bits. Of course now I have to find time to wrap and hide them but I usually find somewhere. I even got out my Xmas cards this evening and started making out my 'who to send to' list. I'm scaring myself! I'm sure I was nowhere near as organised last year, at this rate I'll have everything wrapped and posted way before the big day. :o
I bought some wee decorations from Tesco as they were having a buy 3 for the price of 2 and they were very reasonalbly prices. Ok maybe I did only buy the bells on string because I only wanted the bells :/ And I did spend some considerable time dithering over whether to buy a CK bag while I was there but at the end I just couldn't justify spending £3.50 on a bag when I make my own shopping bags. Sorry CK.

Ah well how about some
Ings Not done that for a while.

watching... Not a lot.

listening to... The dog scratching the floor!

eating... Spaghetti hoops on toast for my tea and a bowl of crunchy nut clusters for my supper.

shooting... the dog if he doesn't stop scratching the floor (don't worry I wouldn't really)

buying... Xmas presents and lots of magazines.

selling... an electric drum kit if anyone's interested.

gossiping... no gossiping here.

completing... my last Craftster swap for this year. (she says!)

wondering... what I am still doing up at this time in the morning. It's 1.48am here :o

Night x

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