Saturday, 22 November 2008

It's all white!

Yes it's snowing. We woke up this morning to white hills and by lunch time the flakes were coming down and turning my garden into a tidy white canvas (well until the dogs ran out in it)
The small people went to the beds tonight after watching more snow falling past the window and covering the road outside. It always looks so pretty until some stonking big car comes along and turns the snow into brown sludge. I'm sat here wrapped in one of the crochetted blankets that belonged to my grandmother that my mum brought up for me this trip and I'm trying to type on a keyboard that needs a darn good clean (most likely as this is the computer wee one likes to sit at while eating snacks and cutting things up that she shouldn't) as the to get the y to work I practically have to pound the key through the board.


dinosaur toes said...

It's official, I'm in love with your dog! I had a basset hound a while back. They are just the cutest, saddest looking dogs!

tricia-rennea said...

Oh, he is so....awe...I love him!

Taz said...

He is kinda cute eh? Poor love puts up with a lot of silly photos with me and lots of chasing around from our other wee dog who is a highland terrier. :)