Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A productive ten minutes or so

Well I managed to get my Buy Nothing Swap package all finished and parcelled up this morning. So that's now winging its way towards Sweden. I also finally remembered to post our neice's birthday card off to Italy. But I did get sidetracked before getting to the post office. My lovely new friend Dommie has a shop in the village called Rainbow Hat which sells all sorts of lovely things and she's even asked me to rustle up some of my wares for her. Haven't actually plucked up the courage to do that yet though, I'm happier giving it away as I can never visualise someone actually paying money for something I've made. Anyway I digress (as usual) as I was going past the shop on my way to the said Post Office Dommie called me in for a coffee and 2 1/2 hours later I had to rush out to get home in time for wee one arriving back from school. We had a great time pouring over all her agates and crystals and I treated myself to a few crystals, two rings and a big copper budda head using the money my Mum had left me to treat myself and some of my hard earned wages, that reminds me must go back to work.

She gave me a crystal bracelet as a gift to help with the pain that I've been having in my stomach and we were pouring over her wee crystal bible for ages reading up on all the meanings and healing powers of all the other crystals.
I was very drawn towards to the turquoise which is interesting when you see the meaning Strengthens and aligns all chakras, meridians and subtle bodies. Brings communication to emotional issues, creativity and intuition. Protection during astral travel. Used for spiritual attunement, healing and cleansing the chakras and physical body.
There were lots of others that I also had to have but I can't remember all their names...yes I officially do make goldfish look intelligent for their huge memory span.
But I did pick up some Sodalite which sounded like something that may help out my darling teenager. No harm in trying eh?

We also spent ages going through all her bags of belly dancing gear and her trying to persuade me to join the classes with her. Well I certainly have the belly but I also lack a baby sitter so no can do just now, maybe when him indoors comes home I'll go give it a try even if just to get a shot of all those tinkerly charms and ankle bells. :)

Again sorry about the current lack of up to date pictures but as my laptop is out of order and eldest child has run off with my camera lead somewhere I'm stuck. I do however have lots and lots of things to share, photos of New York, all the goodies I've been getting at the charity shop, things I've made, bits and pieces I've been accumulating to ensure that this house is not a scrooge-fest this year. Wait till you see the two Xmas mugs I got for 65p each from the charity shop today :D


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Hi, Thank you for visiting me, and welcome to my blog.

I too am drawn to colours and crystals, I definately beleive in their ability to make you feel better. I find it intrigueing how when I am feeling a certain way I am drawn to a specific colour...

I will look forward to seeing your pictures once your camera has returned from its holidays!

cheers for now

Taz said...

Thanks hon I love your blog and you sound like an incredibly busy lady :) Big one actually asked this evening if I'd put the crystal I bought for her on a chain yet. So I did so immediately ;)