Thursday, 4 October 2007


Good grief I can't believe I've not blogged for so long. What a terrible blogger I am! I have so much news to catch up on. Well I guess I'll need to condense it all or I might make my page wipe itself out or something equally awful.
Right well Florida/Disney was amazing. Exhausting but so wonderful. The smalls had a great time and to be honest so did me and him indoors. One things for sure we'll definately be going back, if only to go to all the place we didn't get to see because we ran out of time.
Right other news, other news. We've adopted another wee doggy, his name is Oscar and he's a white west highland terrier. He is a cutey. Don't ya think? He's settled into the family great and my big boy seems happy having someone smaller than him to play with. :)
I have been busy busy with swaps over at Craftster and doing things for friends. Such as these onesies for friends who are having/had babies.

The things I've sent out recently have been for the Sakura/Cherry swap. This is what I sent. I handpainted a large black scarf with cherry blossom, knitted three dishclothes with one, two and three cherries on respectively. I also made a felt cherry blossom pin cushion which was on a wristlet decorated with seed beads and the pin cushion was removable and finally I glass painted more cherry blossoms.
And this is the fabulous stuff I received from my wonderful partner, psmommy. The most gorgeous reversable tote bag, a beautiful beaded cherry necklace, the cutest cherry blossom headband and lots of cherry flavoured goodies. What a lucky girl I am :D

I won't post pics yet of the stuff I sent out for the Photographer's Round 2 Swap even though my partner has already received. I'll save that for when I receive my excited am I?

I'm also just finishing up the Records to Ipod Swap and am pretty pleased with the shirt I have just stencilled but there is no way I'm posting that here just incase my partner comes for a peek ;)

A shirt I will share with you is this one that I did for a personal swap with the lovely craftADDchick. I did a personal swap with her a while back, remember rosebud the cutest pink bear? And she mentioned back then that she would love a shirt with a thistle on it, sooooo how could I not go on a mission to find one to stencil for her. :D

I've also been busy knitting up lots and lots (think I'm on about 55 now) of wee scarves. My mum helps out in a children's hospice charity shop and they sell these wee soft dogs and when they put a scarf on them they sell them like hot cakes, no scarf they don't seem to sell. So because head office has realised that this shop sells more dogs they are sending them 400 dogs to shift. 400! So to try and help out and do my bit this is an example of the few I've done so far. BTW I don't have to knit all 400...thank goodness.

Anyway that's me back now :D


Bumbershootska said...

Welcome Oscar!!! he's lovely!
When my little one (ha! all 6'3' of him) was small, he watched a show called Hamish MacBeth every week and still calls this breed of dag a "wee Jock" after the character's dog.
Oscar looks so bright and sweet :0)

Taz said...

Oh I used to love that show too :D Yeah Oscar could have been a Jock he's cheeky enough but Oscar was the name he came with.