Sunday, 15 July 2007

Word to the wise

don't go out the night before you're due to drive for 7 hours the next day. We were invited to a bbq yesterday, me, him and the smalls..we got home around 3 this morning. Big one fell down some steps and has torn her legs to bits...very sore poor love. I have got bruises on just about every appendage, him indoors is shattered because he lost a nights sleep on friday due to plane delays etc so a late one last night was probably not the best idea but it seemed it at the time.
But on a brighter note we're leaving shortly to travel down to my Mum's to drop the dog off for his holidays and we leave from there for Florida/Disney on Tuesday. Aaaaaah yes we are very excited. :) How much freezer paper do you reckon I can get through customs?
See you all in a few weeks x


Angelique said...

I love what you got from KnitDrinkKnitDrink for the PIF. I didn't want to post there since I already won..but it's so fun to follow where the it goes. Can't wait to see who's next.

Taz said...

thanks angelique. I still haven't had a reply to I guess I need to widen my net. :(