Saturday, 14 July 2007

I've come to love my post woman

especially when she brings me such fantastic parcels.
The wonderful ;)knitdrinkknitdrink chose me as the next PIF recipient and this is the beautiful stuff she sent me.

A beautiful necklace for me and gorgeous wee braclets each for the wee one's. They were quickly spirited away by the said small people who were as thrilled with them as their Mummy was with her necklace. In fact I think big one has her eye on the necklace too LOL
Thank you so much for them T, you really did make our day (((hugs))) I hope to see you back blogging soon, miss you.

So as tradition stands I now declare that the first person who comments on this post will be the next recipient and so it goes on :)
I'm away for the next few weeks so please don't fret if I don't contact you immediately but I will be in touch

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