Thursday, 5 July 2007

Suprises in the mail

This is my wonderful suprise package.

I've been bad in getting this on my blog but I came home from a particularly trying session up at the school with the kids doing their practise cycling profficency test to discover that a parcel had been left with a neighbour. And it was huge! And you can see much stuff.
The lovely lady that sent me all these goodies did so because I sent her a scarf and a few bits a while back. Bless her. I feel so spoiled and so special - she says as she's munching lots and lots of chocolate. Oh and how many bags of peanut butter M+M's will I be buying when we go over to America later this month? :D Unfortunately my friend has introduced me to a wonderful sweetie that they don't sell in this country.

I've also been busy with my stenciling brush and rustled up a few shirts to send as a surprise to a friend who put us up for a wee break when we visited Dublin.
My friend is mad for her cameras, her other half is a drummer, her eldest son is learning to play guitar and her youngest is a wee tike. Can you guess which shirt is for which person? :D
I'm especially proud of the Animal one as I made the stencil up myself as I couldn't find any online at all. :)


zombiecazz said...

They're fab. I especially love the PotC one. I drew it free hand on a T-shirt for my DD and I'm thinking that I might mak one for myself too.

Taz said...

Oh yes I definately think you should have one too ;)