Friday, 26 October 2007

I am so spoiled

See what my records to ipods partner MaRut sent me.

An amazing cassette tote bag.

A personalised ticket stub diary.

This is especially great as we're taking big one to her first proper concert next month. To see My Chemical Romance. :D

The cutest wee ipod cosy complete with cassette logo. As a child of the 80s this totally rocks.

What could this be?

It's the coolest boombox wallet, that's what. :D

And at the bottom of the box what did I spy but this utterly gobsmacking earring holder.

Look at the detail!

Yes I am indeed a very lucky girl :D

Other news well this week has been a week of piercings. Wee one had her ears pierced for the first time on Monday and yesterday I took big one to finally get her upper ear cartlidge pierced. If I didn't already have more than enough piercings I'd feel left out...ok so maybe I have been contemplating another one LOL
Oh and big one chose some hair dye - ocean green. Guess who's got the job of putting that in her hair this weekend? Do I qualify for a cool Mum award yet?

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