Saturday, 6 October 2007

Birthday cakes

Tomorrow is wee one's birthday and every year I try to give the smalls the cake they ask for. In the past I've made castle's, chocolate creations, dogs etc etc. Anyway this year wee one asked for a TARDIS. She is mad for Dr Who so a TARDIS it had to be. So this is my attempt at just that,
unfortunately no matter how much blue food colouring I added to the icing mixture it just would not go dark blue. The cake is actually darker than it looks in this picture but hey ho wee one thinks it's a great cake so I guess the client is happy. :D
Wish me luck for tomorrow, I'm taking her and 3 of her friends (plus big sister and Grandma) to the cinema followed by lunch out then if the weather stays nice to us a trip to the park.

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