Friday, 17 June 2011

Thank **** it's Friday

I'm not sure if there's some sort of universe shift going on but a lot of my friends seem to be feeling out of sorts this week, there have been many cases of if it's going to go wrong then you can pretty much guarantee that it's going to. And today I was pushed to my very last limit - that is to the limit that I actually did something about it and instead of allowing myself to be treated like an ever useful doormat I did what I find so easy to do for everyone else.

I stood up for myself.

There were tears, mainly due to sheer frustration and the amount of stress I've had piled on to my already fun packed days.

But I did it.

I stood up for myself, I reiterated that my No actually did mean NO. I told, when asked, exactly how it was and how I felt I had been backed into a very tight corner and I was thankfully met with understanding.

I shared with friends who rallied round me and one arrived at my house to take me out for coffee and a good old fashioned chat.

I came home and threw myself into yet another cupboard purge and then the phone rang. I received an apology from someone who actually didn't have anything to apologise for but it was nice to think that they thought they needed to do it and were prepared to offer it so freely.

The person who has caused all this stress has not phoned. In fact I don't even want them to, I do have an outstanding appointment with them next week and my gut is already twisting thinking I have to see them.

For now it's Friday night, I have a glass of wine prescribed by a friend and I have a huge shopping day to 'look' forward to tomorrow. I don't know if you remember me mentioning it before but my eldest small person is off to Malawi this summer. She leaves in 12 days :( and she will be out of my reach until the end of July. I can't phone her, text her, email her or even know how she's managing unless there is an emergency and then they will phone me. Hmmm yes thinking about it perhaps it was not the best time for someone to try and upset my little world when I have all that going on in my head.
Anyway that's the reason we're going shopping, she has a kit list as long as my arm and it's going to leave my purse very empty BUT I am so proud that my 16 year old is off to do something so worthwhile and have such an amazing experience.

I hope you've all had a better week than me and have something fun to look forward to this weekend.

Pics of bathroom are coming ;)


B............... said...

I said a bottle woman, not a measly glass ;o)
I can't believe she's off soon but what an experience for her!

B xxx

Emma said...

I'm off to have a little word with this Universe,
It so needs to get it's act together x

Emma said...

Right that's it I'm off to have a word with this so called Universe, it needs to start getting it's act together ! X

Curry Queen said...

You must be so proud that she has the guts to take such a voyage on at a mere 16 years old. Well done her! And well done you for standing up to someone who sounds like a bully. In my experience, they back down fairly quickly one they understand that you really, really mean what you say...

Sarah said...

I spent most of yesterday saying 'thank f*** it's Friday' then I crawled home from work knackered and gasping for an apero.

Glad you managed to stand up for yourself. It's much easier to advise others to do it than do it oneself. Been there too...

Iz said...

You've met my mother-in-law then? Good for you, standing up for yourself - makes you feel all shaky though, doesn't it!

Poppy said...

I hope today was better than yesterday! And so you should be a proud Mum....I think its amazing what she is going to do. I don’t think I could be that brave.

Lou xxx

PS. I will be thinking of you tomorrow! X