Monday, 13 June 2011

The fugly bathroom

When the ex and I bought this house 9 years ago it was decreed that we could live with the avocado bathroom for the time being but it would be refitted in due course.

7 years on and the ex had left but I was still living with the bathroom. Did I mention the walls were originally painted yellow? Oh yes this bathroom was just delightful!

Just imagine that the toilet was once that delightful shade of yucky green too, I forgot to take proper before shots and the toilet had already been changed as I started ripping it all out.

This all took place last year, as some of you may remember. I have still to get the extractor fan fitted, the guy returned once with the wrong size fan and has not been seen again. I am still in possession of his step ladders though so not sure how the exchange rate works on that. I'm not out of pocket anyway. He was paid for all work undertaken so I'm guessing the fitting of a fan is not worth his while to come and get paid to fit. Anyway minor details, let me show you the good stuff. ;)

I learnt a new skill - tiling! Well it helped keep the costs down.

This was my first wall. :)
I have to admit I didn't do the fiddly bits of tiling that involved cutting round things like the shower hose and outlet pipes. I left that to the professional.

The big white wall tiles were sale bargains, the fancy wee border tiles were expensive but I bought a couple of boxes of the large tile size and cut them down into strips myself which worked out far cheaper than buying them as strips ready cut. Crazy!
Floor tiles again were an on sale bargain.
Toilet and sink were a set in a box from the cheap and cheerful range.
And my lovely big double shower base was bought during a quick buy it now and we'll take a few percent off the price weekend. :)

Do you want to see it all finished now?


Iz said...

Cor! Seriously impressive handiwork!

Lydia @ Twelve said...

You are a lady of hidden talents!!!

Keep the step ladders as a towel rail...


Lydia @ Twelve said...

You are a lady of hidden talents!!!

Keep the step ladders as a towel rail...


Twiggy said...

I am totally impressed poppet. Will you come and sort out my manky bathroom please - it's yuck!! The loons that used to live here, actually painted over the bottom half of our white tiles and all the paint is chipping off now - urgh!
Twiggy x

Menopausalmusing said...

I cannot believe how clever you have been at tiling.... shows what you can do when you have to! Well done you!

Me said...

Its looking good! Workmen are a strange breed! I still have the carpet cleaner's extra thingy in the cupboard under the stairs. I don't even know what it is to be honest. Its a pain he didn't leave something more useful behind... like, say, a 50 pound note?!... Impressive tiling :) xxx

Taz said...

Thanks everyone. One room down and several more to go, plus a huge garden and garage with a leaking asbetos roof - woohoo!