Saturday, 11 June 2011

Do you know exactly what you have?

Don't panic I'm not asking you to share anything racy but rather I'm curious as to whether other folk know how much food they have in their cupboards and freezers.

I'm sure I can't be the only one who used to rummage about and couldn't remember either buying that or when exactly it was put in the freezer.

I've been doing weekly menus and posting them up on the fridge door for some time now. Not only is it a great money saver as I know exactly what I need to buy each week, it has also stopped the daily "What's for tea Mum? Ooooh do we have to have that!" conversations. Everyone knows what's coming and amazingly no one seems to moan. Of course no doubt now I have totally jinxed myself saying that.

So there I was buying only what I need for each weeks menu but still having to do the rummage to fit things in the cupboards and freezer.

Enough I thought to myself, well I probably said it out loud to the dog. Poor old beast has to listen to a lot of my ramblings bless him.

So I pulled everything and I mean EVERYTHING out of the freezer and the cupboards and I wrote me an inventory.

As you can see when I painted the kitchen cupboards with the blackboard paint I didn't have enough to do the insides of the doors - oops!

Once the lists were made I realised I could feed us for a good couple of weeks only having to buy a few fresh bits and pieces thus saving my grocery money and having that cash free to put towards an upcoming large bill. Brilliant!

Now each week I consult my lists and never have to wonder whether I have something when the mood takes me to make something.

Next job is to design some nice sheets so they look a bit prettier stuck around my kitchen. :)

So do you know exactly what you have?


Josie said...

yes I know what I have, usually check it every week before shopping, the other week we only spent £27 to add to what we had in the house to make meals for the rest of the week. wish it was £27 every week and that included £6 on cat food too!

Josie x

Taz said...

Wouldn't it be great to only have to spend that much a week :)
The cost of living is rising but our wages aren't, it's worrying. Thanks for sharing Josie x

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Okay! You guilted me into having a look.
Oh dear.........there was a jar of Curry wasn't moving about in the jar very much. I looked at the lid....

"Best Before June 2007"

Curry for tea then!