Friday, 10 June 2011

New stuff for the walls

In an attempt to make my house prettier and with very few spare pennies to spend on non necessities I decided to try something out from my stash pile.

A few fabrics that I have been loathe to chop up and some embroidery hoops bought very cheaply from my local charity shop (big one went through a cross stitch phase) and this was the result

I've tucked the fabric in at the back so I can still use it for a future project when either I tire of them on the wall or inspiration strikes me.
For now one wall in my living room looks a whole lot nicer. In fact my wee one on her return from school asked if I could do something similar for her bedroom, unfortunately big one didn't agree and thinks this is just yet another example of my weirdness. LOL


Me said...

I'm glad your little one understands! They look great. Such a lovely idea, and its so nice that you kept the fabric for later. I've been trying to put my sparkle around the place too, probably not as succesfully, but its good to get my itchy fingers making again :) Take care xxx

ps thank you for your recent comments on relationships. I do tend to overthink things (no, really?!) but it was really useful to read other people's responses. Ta! x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Taz, this is a brilliant idea - one that I may have to steal if I ever find embroidery hoops. I recognize the bird fabric, which I have myself, from good old Ikea, n'est pas? xx

Bee happy said...

What a great idea, it looks lovely. I did see this in a magazine a while ago, well done you. Want to do my walls?

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Taz said...

Me - yes thanks be for wee one who takes after me in far too many ways LOL As for the overthinking, I think us single Mums do a lot of that. Partly due to the fact that we spend a lot of time on our own and don't have someone to talk things through with. Thanks be for blogs eh? x

Loo - yep good old Ikea, bought it a good few years back now. Big one was going to make a bag with it but obviously that idea went out of the window lol x

Bee happy - Yes I think this idea has been doing the rounds for a while now. It's so quick and easy - perfect for me ;) x

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Taz!!!! It's been sooooo long since I've been around. I've been catching up on all my bloggy friends' numerous posts. I didn't want to read and run! Love your new page layout - so POSH! Loved the post about your hair. My hair also grows really fast. This time next year I'll look EXACTLY like Cheryl Cole. yeh! right!

Taz said...

Sue~!!!! Missed you lady.
Cheryl Cole? I was aiming for Dawn French but then she started losing weight - cow! lol

Iz said...