Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sorry far too busy

spending time with my small people while they're off on their Easter holidays.
Yes you did read that right, in fact they go back to school on Monday the 18th.
Yes, that's right that's nowhere near Easter - so they've had their Easter holidays 2 weeks too early.
Fortunately they will get Good Friday off school and then the Royal Wedding Day too so that should help a bit. :)
Only problem is as they've been off for their Easter holidays already they're wanting their Easter eggs already LOL

As said I've been very busy, not just with the smalls but with things around the house too. Lots to share but sods law my card reader has decided now would be a good time to die so I can't get any photos off my camera.
Great more expense! And yes that was sarcasm. ;)


Jude said...

Do you mean they go back to school 18th April??
How weird is that?
Looking forward to seeing photos,
Take care

auntiegwen said...

I think it's been a long time since I was off (at Christmas) but we finally break for Easter on Friday, can't wait frankly :)

Cazz said...

yep. Every time we're in a shop I get this little voice asking me where her Easter egg is. I reply....It's not Easter yet!!

I would suggest poundland for a card reader. little usb one for...yes you guessed £1. Mine works fine has done for a while. Also they have loads of easter goodies :o)

Curry Queen said...

Yikes! Ours broke up last Friday, go back on 27th, straight after Easter for two days, then get the Friday off for the Royal Wedding....madness!

Nearly there Claire said...

Ohhhhh.... I need to see it all.

I think you've been very patient having the chocolate in the house, I've bought it twice and eaten it twice already. ;o) xxx

Taz said...

Jude - Yes indeed they go back to school 18th April, this is the second year running that the Easter Holidays have been before actual Easter! Nuts!

AuntieGwen - I think you'll well past a deserved rest hon xx

Cazz - unfortunately nearest pound shop is a 70 mile round trip :(

CQ - mine get Good Friday off for some reason, then it's the wedding off, then it's the bank holiday monday. Yep MAD!!

Claire - the secret is that I've not bought any eggs yet, only the wee bits for our traditional easter egg treasure hunt ;) And I'm very good I NEVER eat the kids sweets - shining my halo as I type lol