Sunday, 24 April 2011


I've not blogged as I've been busy trying to enjoy the sunny days we've been having...

recovering from the mini camping in the garden trip.

trying to keep big one's stress levels at least on an even keel if not totally calm while she's taking her prelim exams (mocks)

trying to sort things out with the ex over our divorce.

trying to summon up some energy to get the million and one things on my to list done

but feeling a bit like there has been a black cartoon cloud hovering over my head all the time.

The smalls and I had a lovely Easter Sunday together today though and I'll tell you all about it and some other good stuff soon. ;)


B............... said...

Is that my tent ;o)
Have missed you (not just here either) lovely, hope you've had a great Easter xxx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Your a fabulous mum and it will all come good in the end ... Your black cloud may dampen your spirits but a silver lining will soon break through and it will all be a foggy memory ... Hugs and loves to you and yours ... Xxxx

Taz said...

Yes B that's 'the' tent. Unfortunately the ropes are in need of replacing and it's starting to look a bit worn on the sides :(

Awww thanks Alex, yeah you're right I should keep an eye out for that silver lining xxx

Twiggy said...

You'll come out the other side soon missus, chin up
Twiggy x

Poppy said...

Well done on the camping Taz! I'm sure everything will work out good in the end.

Lou xxx