Friday, 15 April 2011


Big one went off yesterday on yet another of her training weekends for her pending Malawi expedition leaving wee one and I at a loose end.

So 'call me crazy' because quite clearly I am! I thought I know, I'll set up our teepee in the garden and we can have a wee camping trip of our own.

I checked the weather forcast and it was fairly good, the odd chance of showers but fingers crossed they've not appeared - YET!

Wee one got very excited and set us up with crocheted blankets and pillows and after a wee trip to the local shop a few treats for watching a movie while we were tucked up all cosy in our sleeping bags.

So there we were, darkness fell, the dog decided he wasn't going to get left out thank you very much and joined us in the tent, thankfully there's plenty of room for his big bum too, even if he does snore like a trouper.

We munched on our crisps and kitkat pop thingys - very nice! Watching Marley and Me - sobbing our little eyes out. I knew it was a soppy one so we even had a box of tissues at the ready, just as well as wee one spilt her drink.

Then we read some more of our new Horrible Histories book by windup torchlight and then it was time to go to sleep.

WHY did I think we could forgo the inflatable mattress?!?!

Hour after uncomfortable hour went by and I couldn't get to sleep no matter how hard I tried. Wee one said she didn't sleep but I can vouch for the fact she was flat out and looking angelic as they do when they're off in the land of nod.

Come dawn break and the birds started twittering as they do, sleep finally decided to visit and I managed to snatch a quick nap before the sun lit up the tent and wee one was asking what was for breakfast.

My back!!! My hips!!! My spine!!!! Ouch!!!

They've all been very sore and achy all day today but we are about to enter the tent again for another night of home camping BUT I have already inflated the mattress AND popped open a bottle of vino to hopefully encourage the sleep fairy to visit me tonight.

The things I do to put a smile on my small people's faces. Worth it though :)


Me said...

Ah, what a lovely thing to do! Hope tonight is more comfortable. You sound even more prepared for this one! xxx

Twiggy said...

You are a top Mum, I even find the air bed blardy uncomfortable, I'm such an old gimmer.
twiggy x

Cazz said...

I can completely relate. It was about 10 years ago that me, the DS and his two cousins decided that, because so many of us were at my Grandma's house, we would camp. We had tent and heaps and heaps of blankets....But all night, (and I mean ALL night) all I could feel was that hard, cold ground. Didn't sleep a wink.

Iz said...

Sounds like really good fun!

Curry Queen said...

You are a good mummy! I think I would rather gnaw off my own leg than camp in the garden - I've reached the age when a comfy bed is an absolute must!

Jude said...

I love camping, and yes, what a lovely thing to do...another memory for the bank...
Take care

chris said...

Hope you hav a better night tonight

The Girl said...

You are a flippin' awesome Mum I would have LOVED this. Hell I would love to do it now, room for another?!