Saturday, 2 April 2011

Rock Paper Scissors

Do you remember playing this in school?

Have you spent many an hour reminiscing and wishing you could have taken it up in a professional capacity instead of the dreary career you found yourself in?

Well as the saying goes...

Only in America!

Just for you, look what I found.

America's Offical Rock Paper Scissors League

Words fail me!

But just in case you're now fancying a game - here's a reminder of the rules ;)

And no this is not a belated April Fools :)


Fran x said...

Embarassingly enough we still do this to see who has to answer the house phone LOL

Me said...

Ha! Love it. I'm in! x

Taz said...

Fran - that's what answerphones are for ;) LOL

Me - I look forward to hearing all about you winning the championship title :D