Thursday, 30 December 2010

So was it good for you?

I certainly hope so. ;)

Intentionally blurry Santa - honest. ;)

Why is it that we spend weeks if not months working ourselves up to the big day then it's all over in what feels like minutes?

Anyway enough to say Santa came, small people were suitably thrilled with their gifts, a huge plate of food was eaten and then several chocolate based treats.

The cake is yummy.

I feel about 25 times bigger than I did a week ago and I'm not talking height!


bekimarie said...

It does make you wonder why we stress so much over it doesn't it!
Still, was a good one here and glad it was for you and the girls too :o)

B xxx

Emma said...

Happy New Year my Friend...x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I have to admit I didn't seem to stress about it at all this year... I shopped early and people got what they got... no panic or worry was required... I realised that its just a day... like any other day... I went shopping with Les on Christmas eve and after he basically asked me what I wanted and that we should just go and get it... I decided that I'd rather have nothing... on Christmas I wanted to be surprised and not just shop for my own gift... I can do that all the rest of the year! lol... Christmas is the time when I just want ot see a little proof that he's actually heard anything I have mentioned all year... and I think he has not!
I received an Iphone sleeve that is rubberised because when I let Daniel play games on it he sometimes drops it... So with this in mind I completely chilled out and it was amazing... my friend and my mum bought me fabulous gifts that really hit the nail on the it goes to show who does listen to you all year... ;D

Sorry to vent on your post... but seeing as our settees have each others names on I know you won't mind....


Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Bloody worth it though eh?!!!
Especially as this year, I got to spend it with you...cyberly speaking that is.
Happy New Year to my very special spouse. xxx