Sunday, 19 December 2010

Not many sleeps now.

In fact so few that I thought I better start making a check list.

* Cards written and posted. CHECK
* Presents that need posting posted. CHECK
* All Santa's presents bought. CHECK
* Xmas Cake baked and marinated in lots of brandy. CHECK
* Trees erected and decorated. CHECK
* Snowflakes made and hung. CHECK

* Paper chains made and hung. CHECK

Still to do.

* Finish Santa's wrapping.
* Ice the Xmas Cake.
* Buy Xmas dinner bits and bobs.
* Buy Boxing day buffet bits and bobs for my pal and her wee son coming round.

Oh and some 'friends' say I have to make myself a Xmas jumper!! Hmmm not sure about that one.

Plus I'm sure there are other things that my brain is currently chosing to let me forget but will no doubt remind me in a last minute panic.
But I'm not going to panic I'm going to enjoy this Christmas with it just being me and my girls. Their Dad is working abroad until January and this year it is my brother's turn to have Mother for Xmas and New Year. :D
All a recipe for a relaxed, happy and stress free holidays me thinks.


bekimarie said...

Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful well deserved Christmas.
I would wish you a happy one but will speak to you before the big day anyway ;o)

B xxx

Word verification is barkin, quite appropriate if you ask Me as you are barkin mad 'hehe' love ya xxxxxx

Twiggy said...

All sounds under control to me missus,
I still have all wrapping to do - yikes!! Homemade chocs to make with Twiglet, finish off gingerbread house - avoiding this today as I have cold and keep sneezing - yuck!!
We are having a quiet Xmas with my Mum coming over weather permitting!
Keep up the good work.
twiggy x

Deanna said...

Hello my dear! I think you are creating a most wonderful time with your family. I love your snowflakes and I am so glad you posted the paper chains. I used to love to make those in school.

Deanna :D

auntiegwen said...

Enjoy, I am going to ice my cake and blog it, tasteful in the extreme or Christmas tacky? place your bets now

Menopausal musing said...

All sounding pretty good to me. Have a wonderful time all of you! x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Yay for proper relaxed Christmas's.... I'll let you know how I get on when I ever get one... mind you I have managed to wangle Christmas dinner here at home... but my precence has been requested at mums in the afternoon... never know... if lucky we might get snowed in! ;D

x Alex

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

My dear beautiful friend, who is totally adorable and with just the right sprinkling of batty...thank you for being such a fabulous chum this year. You and your girls really deserve a perfect Christmas and I think this year sounds like it'll hit the spot!

One more thing to say on the matter.... I NEEEEEEEEED THAT JUMPER!!!

Love Claire...fal a lal la lahh la la la lahhh! xxx

Samsara said...

Thanks sweetie and a very happy solstice to you too :o)

Twiggy said...

we had minus 17 here last week so nah nah :)
Twiggy x
PS however, I didn't make Twiglet go and see Santa that evening !!!
PS Word verif is faties - oyyyyy !!!