Friday, 31 December 2010

Farewell 2010

So that's another year over with - wow where did it go? Even children seem to be saying it flew past, when I was wee that was only something grown ups said. LOL

New Year's Eve will be (hopefully) a more healthy one this year as I'm not coughing up a lung like I was last year. I am also not working myself to death for minimum wage anymore either.

Anway I thought it would be a good time to reflect to see what else has been achieved this year.
I don't 'do' resolutions but I did set myself some aims for this year.

•More quality family time.
Giving up the bar job definately helped with this one. I am here when the smalls come home from school and I get to cook them proper meals every night. I'm present in the now for them and not living in my head reliving scenes from work. Money's tighter but it's been worth it.

•Making this house a home.
This year I got the downstairs bathroom refitted - there have been no before and after pics yet as I'm STILL waiting on the guy coming back to fit the extractor fan. He 'finished' the bathroom in July - yes I know! I'm going to get someone else to fit it after the holiday season and the first guy won't be getting asked back to do all the other work I need doing in the house. His loss - big mistake! LOL
I have filled bags and bags of clutter but it seems to be breeding and it's a losing battle but I'm determined to win.
As I can't afford a new kitchen at the moment and I have lived with mine for far too long (8 years but I'm not counting honest) I took the bull by the horns on Wednesday and attacked the unit doors with a paintbrush. I will post before and after pics in the new year. ;)

•Getting my crafting mojo back.
I've brought out the knitting needles and made hot water bottle covers and hand warmers and am still working on a blanket for wee one at this rate it may be finished when she leaves home. She's 10 now! Big one might get one for the birth of her first grandchild :)
I've baked a fair bit, especially when I found the whacky food colourings I'd forgotten about.

I've read 112 books this year - ok that's not technically crafty but thought I'd just tell you anyway. :)
I did a wee bit of stencilling but not nearly as much as I would like to get done.
I made a door curtain to keep out the cold that was crafty and thrifty :)
Obviously Chrimbo brings out my more crafty side - snowflakes, paper chains and baking.

•Living frugally but bountifully.
Despite losing a weekly pay packet I have lived within my means this year. I owe nobody any thing. No loans, no credit cards, no overdraft and I paid for an all inclusive holiday in the sun for me and the smalls. Yay me!

•Nuture my important friendships.
I came to realise that I am worth having as a friend and real friends don't expect me to do all their bidding. My Christmas card list changed this year but I'm thinking definately for the better. I lost a dear friend in a tragic car accident this year too and two other dear friends had breast lump scares so that also helped with the realisation that some things matter and some don't.
I have found some wonderful friends in this magical sparkle box and you all mean a lot to me, you know who you are and if you don't I'm doing something wrong. LOL

•Have a holiday even if it's only a weekend in a tent in a field with a campfire.
Not one but three and a bit holidays.
Holiday number one. A camping trip to Linlithgow in the summer.
Holiday number two. Two weeks down in Wales. One week on my own when I caught up with all my old pals and the second week when the smalls came back from their holiday with their Dad.
Holiday number three. Two weeks in Tunisia in October.
And the bit. My return trip to Wales on my own in September for an old friend's wedding.

Here's to 2011 when hopefully I will be

* beginning a new career.

* continuing to make my house a home that I want to be in.

* acquiring a social life that entails me going outside the front door, this last year I've been somewhat of a recluse so it's time I made me some new 'local' friends. Of course this wouldn't be necessary if you all didn't live so far away!

* Keep fund raising so that Big one gets to go on her Malawi trip - oh and survive having my baby in a foreign country for a month without me or her Dad or any family member for that matter!

* Help wee one finally get to grips with how a tidy room is supposed to look.

* Keep my little family smiling, happy and healthy.

Thanks to you all for keeping me company during this last year, supporting me on the days when I've needed a shoulder, a hug or a kick up the bum, laughed with me on the days when I've either been daft or life has just made us giggle and finally just for being you. You're all great.


Emma said...

I like this new look a lot, it's bright and happy....!
Well Taz, here is hoping that this New Year will be very kind to us all and bring us lots and lots of Happiness..x
Your PP Friend Em xxx

bekimarie said...

New year, great new looking blog, very clean and fresh looking, I likey a lotty!
Happy New year to you and your gorgeous girls, it's going to be a good one!
Love you loads gorgeous!

B xxx

Pea Green Kitty said...

Good luck with your resolutions...I need to start thinking about my own.
Hope you had a wonderful Xmas and i wish you all the very best for The New Year!

Twiggy said...

Happy New Year poppet, hope it's a good one!!
Twiggy x

Josie said...

Happy New Year!

Josie x

Poppy said...

Good luck with all of that Taz......I best do my list!


JuicyFig said...

Wonderful post!!! I hope everything continues to works out in 2011.
I have found the less money we have, the higher the happiness rating!

If I lived closer, I would do a drum circle for the big ones funds for malawi! hope it goes well


Em said...

Happy new year Taz, hope 2011 is a great year for you all.
Love Em xxxxx

auntiegwen said...

Hope 2011 is a great year for you sweetie xxx

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

I love you Taz. Here's wishing that this and every year forever is just brill. x