Saturday, 24 July 2010


my babies are leaving on a plane for two weeks in the sun with their Daddy.

Apparently I'm supposed to pack their cases.

I've been putting it off all week. Packing their cases means they're really going doesn't it?

One side of Taz is biting on her lip very hard trying not to cry. Failing sometimes but only when no little eyes or ears are about.

They've never spent this long with their Dad on their own. They're 15 and 9 years old...I know they'll be fine but. :(

The other side of Taz is putting on a brave face and telling the smalls when their bottom lips start to wobble what a lovely time they're going to have with their Dad. "You won't have time to me darlings, you'll be too busy having lots and lots of fun."

Big one gets her exam results while she's away too and I'm hating that I can't be there to hold her hand as they come in. (She's getting them texted direct to her.) Relief and so forth usually results in tears and Dad doesn't always know how to deal with that. But I know he'll do his best.

Today we went to see Toy Story 3 - yeah that was a good idea! At least you can cry in the dark at the cinema ;) (Great movie btw but you will need tissues)

Ok stiff upper lip and all that. Cases will be packed in the morning - unfortunately they're too small for me to climb into though.
I know, I know as soon as they've gone the sooner they'll be back. :)


Em said...

aaaw *big hugs*
Its so hard isn't it to let your kids go off with other people.
My youngest will be going to stay with her grandparents in Inverness next month and she's so excited about it...but I'm already worrying.
I was the same with the older two when they went to spend some of their summer with their Dad up in highlands too...I knew he would look after them etc etc but I couldn't help but worry sooo much.
But sweetie, just think your kids will be having 2 lovely weeks of fun in the sun and you'll get two lovely weeks of peace and quiet!
Thinking of you.
Em xxxx

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said... know...that as a parent, we want our kids to have EVERYTHING??? Well, my view on the subject of absent fathers is the fact that, even if I do know that there are kids out there that have fantastic Dads, I want my kids to feel the feelings that the other kids have too! I want them to adore their Dad. To be proud of their Dad. To have a hero, in their Dad! To feel what the other kids feel!!!
I know that my kids Dad left us when they were still in cots and nappies, still breast feeding and still too young to listen or talk...I held them as my tears fell on their tiny faces, felt such pain when I believed that it was my fault...but now...each time their Dad and hero collects them, I know they love him!!! Gosh it hurts, but there we go....lifes a bitch eh?!
Mine go for a week with him, and the woman he left us for, their new step Mother, for a holiday of 7 days together very soon...they have only ever been for 2 nights with him before...during this time, to help make the pain and absence quicken...I am meeting up with a new found friend...someone who makes me laugh, someone who laughs at me...someone who is a FOOT taller than I am!!! 'tis you my sweet!!! I can't brave, be strong and don't cry, as I ain't wipin' tears Hun!!!! LOL we shall be having a fabby time together!!!! Bring it on Sweet cheeks!!! XXX

Frugal Life UK said...

Be brave and wish them well, children need mums and dads and if they can't be together (I divorced when my youngest was 4) then you have to work it out somehome. We even took my ex with us on one holiday and even though he was a twat we were nice to him for two weeks for the kids! You will miss them, but we are here just on the end of bloggosphere xxxxxxxxxxxxx froogs xxxx

Lydia said...

Sending you a huge hug - It must be so hard - I know I'd be like you too.

I'm packing mine up to go to mums for the 4 of the 6 weeks - & I get them back at the weekends.

Its bittersweet - I'll miss them, but know they will have a fab time.

G has flown out to America - so I'm sure all the pant washing on his return will keep me busy....


Menopausal musing said...

How I understand this post of yours...... and how hard it is. Mine had their first ever trip abroad with their dad years ago and it was hard. However, I am sure that letting them go with no feelings of guilt that they are leaving mum behind on her own is all for the best.

auntiegwen said...

feckity feckity feck, I feel for you, I know the feeling of having to share.

ps I bawled like the big fat baby I am at TS3 as my eldest will be off to uni (if she gets the grades) in September.

if you get fretful by yersel come visit your auntie, I can provide tissues, hugs and wine xxx

twiggypeasticks said...

Aww poppet. I wish you lived near me you could come and play with us and eat sweets. It must be hard for you and you are beng very brave. The kids will have a good time with their Dad but I bet they love you EVEN MORE when they get back, so you'll get lots of cuddles. What you going to do with yourself? hope you've got lots of lovely you time things lined up.
As for toy Story 3, I watched Toy Story 2 for the first time last week and blubbed, so think I'll wait for the DVD release of 3. I must admit though Twiglet blubbed too and shouted, its' because I'm REALLY TIRED MUMMY !! bless.
Chin up lovely.
Twiggy xx

The Girl said...

Really felt for you when I read this post. It must be so difficult, especially with the exam results coming whilst you're no there.

Hopefully the time will pass quickly for you and in the meantime you have us lot here if you need to be sad!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Oh buddy, its just not fair is it... life really throws some curve balls at times... Mr P and I have never taken the kids on holiday... he's not really child friendly... loves them to bits but has the patience and understanding of a 2year old! lol
This year we are going away for a week and leaving him at home... I feel awful but the children deserve a week off somewhere nice...
I am sure they will be well cared for and be home before you know it... keep busy and get out and about... perhaps you should talk to them about a fab outing somewhere super for when they get home... perhaps that way they will be excited while on holiday with dad about something that they are going ot be doing with you when they get home...
I can't wait to see Toy story 3... wiil remember tissues! lol

big hugs

lisa ridgeon said...

I saw Toy Story 3 and really enjoyed it. I never cry at films, I think i must be dead inside. Probably stems from my biological father walking out of my life when i was a child, i cried all my tears then. Be strong my dear, your kids will be all the better for having their dad.


Brian said...

God, Taz! It does suck having them gone! It wasn't that bad for the first few days, but then after that- SUCK! Hope you do ok! Wish I could help more than saying just keep your chin, I feel so bad for you now!