Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Phones - love them or hate them!

As I was sat in my bathroom this afternoon with clingfilm wrapped round my head, I was dyeing my hair Passion Red (it was purple before but the roots were getting a bit long) just incase you were wondering, and clingfilm round my feet. God I sound such a catch don't I - God knows why I'm single!!
I wasn't dyeing my feet though I was doing a parafin wax. I found an old tube in the back of the bathroom cabinet and as my feet are looking like they belong to a 90 year old woman and I've been living in my flippy flops I thought it might be an idea to give them a treat.

The phone rang!!

Quick note here - trying to walk anywhere with clingfilm wrapped feet is not fun!!

Anyway it was the ex. I got to speak to the small people. :D
It sounds like they're having a good time. Wee one told me all about the pool, the friend she's made from Transylvania(?) and the mini golf course.

Big one sounded utterly fed up.

The phone line was terrible, I could only make out about half of what they were saying but I got to hear their voices and I know that they are ok. But it meant that I couldn't get to the bottom of what was up with big one plus the fact they are all in the same room together so she probably didn't feel like talking about whatever 'it' is. :(

Saying bye and the I loves you was pretty horrible. Why is it so hard trying to stop your voice from cracking so you can keep up the 'aren't we all just fine and dandy' persona?

So tomorrow I leave for Wales. I can't say I'm looking forward to the drive, it's a long way. I don't mind the drive so much it's just boring and the dog isn't much of a conversationalist at the best of times.
Well I guess I should go pack some clothes. I've got a few timed posts for while I'm away as I doubt I'll get online much if at all. My mother doesn't have 'the internet' as she calls it but I think I'll take me and my laptop off for a coffee every(day) now and again to see if I can find me some free wifi. Not that I actually know how to hook up to it! LOL

Thanks for all your lovely comments about my garden, it is big isn't it. Actually looking at the picture it's very deceptive on how bad the weeds actually are. LOL God knows how long the lawn will be when I get back but hey least the bugs will have fun while I'm away.

Be good but if you can't be good be sure to blog about it so I can read all about it ;) xxx


lisa ridgeon said...

Have a lovely time in Wales.


Twiggy said...

You have fun missus and don't worry about your babies they will be having fun. My roots really need doing I'm showing about 3 inches of black roots and grey bits very classy - think Lily Savage :)I'm crap at dyeing my hair though and our bathroom is covered in dye splatters !!!
Twiggy x

Menopausal musing said...

Safe journey and have a great time. :O)

The Girl said...

Hope you're having fun while you're away. Big One was maybe just having a bad day when she spoke to you on the phone.

Good call on the hair colour by the way, I went to hairdressers on Thursday and had my hair dyed a pretty similar colour!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Sounds like a fantastic look... and I am sure big one will be fine perhaps she's not been allowed something she wanted... I remember when I was 15 on holiday with my friend and her parents in Tenerife I ended up dating the pool barman! I would die if Jamie did that! lol

Have a lovely sedate drive down to Wales... and if I hear on the news of a waxxy footed red head causing mischief I will know who it is! lol

x Alex