Tuesday, 27 July 2010

So you want to see my veg patch?

After seeing my famous - ok they're not actually famous - strawberry smoothie some of you asked to see my veg patch.

Now remember I did tell you that it's overgrown by strawberries and weeds. I was serious.

This is a side view with established, not in the veg patch, plants in the frame too. That's the bush to the bottom right and the very green bush to the middle right. The tall things with purple flowers are weeds - that my neighbour gets very overexcited telling me are murder to get rid of.

Yep see I did warn you. And yes I am suitable embarassed. :)

But look at what one trip to the strawberry patch yields! This is more of a full on(ish) view. It is quite a big veg patch which you can't really get a feel of with all the blinking weeds. When I was working on it, that is not letting the weeds win. I grew tatties, cabbage, beans, onions, beetroot, rhubarb (which is still in there ignoring the weeds) and lots of salad things.

This is my garden in all it's not been weeded for far a good few weeks, nor has the lawn been mown cos it's run out of petrol, beauty.

Plus the fact it keeps raining has prevented much mowing of lawns ;)

So there you are, my haven to all insects, butterflies and birds - oh and weeds!
And greenfly!! What is with this infestation of horrible little green things? Is the whole country getting them or are we just really lucky (not) up here?


Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Oh I love it!!! Honest, I do! Gardens can be so overly manicured and I much prefer the adventure filled type of land space that you have...for example...if my boys were there just think of the fun they would have bug hunting and strawberry munching! xxx

twiggypeasticks said...

Wowsa that's a fair sized garden. Tell everyone it's a wildlife oasis :) Get your fruit and veg sorted and we can have jam making contests. Now we are 40 we really should be doing stuff like that you know !!

Greedy Nan said...

Those strawberries look yummy! I love all soft fruits and just wish the season was longer.
Thanks so much for commenting on my blog - it means a terrific amount to me.

bekimarie said...

WOW that is one hell of a garden, my little man would have a field day in there.
I like a bit of growth me ; )

B xx

The Girl said...

No the greenflies are EVERYWHERE in Hull. I actually had trouble walking through town the other day they were that bad, people were walking around swatting because they were getting in people's eyes. It was awful.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Snap! I have pretty much the same "natural" garden going on down here in the south and I am currently maintaining an elderly ladies garden that she is so pleased with she entered it into a front gardens competition.. lol well they do say a tradesmans home never reflects his trade! lol
in which case I should also be a professional housekeeper and cook somewhere else... I don't do a very good job here! ;D

loving the garden... and don't you just love the excuse of rain... !


Menopausal musing said...

Hey, it's your garden and you can do what you like with it. Yes, re the greenfly and also we have loads of blackfly.