Tuesday, 27 July 2010

It's all in the distraction techniques on a wet Monday

The ex finally thought to let me know that they'd arrived safely sometime mid Monday morning - they flew Sunday evening. But at least I could breath a bit easier.

First full day and I knew it wasn't going to be good so I stuck my Ipod in my pocket, plugged in my ears turned up the tunes and set about doing some housework

Beds were stripped, dirty dishes from small people's rooms were collected and washed.

Well that didn't seem to be stopping the occasion eye wetness so I sat and wrote a huge to do list - man that was a bad idea! If I wasn't feeling sorry for myself before well I was now.

Then I remembered I had bought this on our wee camping holiday so first I had to clean the fridge....yeah ok maybe I didn't do such a great job of the cleaning bit.

Aren't they cute. I do love owls. Home Bargains the shop was, they have all sorts of lovely ones and the black bit is an actual chalk board. I wanted the robot one too but that one appeared to be all gone. Ah well.

Then I got back to finding things that no longer served their purpose, looked beautiful or were needed and I came across this.

An old memo board that had seen better days.

So I gave it a helping hand in its own demise and reclaimed the metal board from its innards.
Gave it a good scrub to remove the glue and what not.

Debated covering it in fabric and attaching hangers. But as I do have a bit of a thing for shiny silver I ended up just sticking it on the wall and covering it with all the latest little pictures the smalls have given me recently.

And yes then I sat and had another wet eye moment.

Then I had the joy of trying to source a reasonable car insurance quote, oh what fun that was. NOT! Drives me crazy that I have been a named driver on my ex's insurance for a million years with no claims but now I am back down to only one year's no claims. Cheers for that!
Anyway got fed up of very expensive quotes so attacked a huge pile of papers that needed shredding and sorting instead. Very theraputic

Thank you to everyone for your words of support and understanding. I know the girls will have a lovely time and their Dad will look after them and it won't be long before they home with all their news. I'm off down to Wales later in the week so my pals down there have a few plans to distract me further. And there is a possible meeting of two mad women from the blogsphere happening eh wifey? :D


The Girl said...

That is all EXCELLENT distraction work. Well done you. Always best to throw yourself into cleaning I find, but you went one step better and got creative. WIN.

Loving the little owl chalkboard, can't believe he was from Home Bargains, only one of my most favourite shops EVER!

Have fun in Wales.

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Wow your fridge is big! I neeeeed one like that! Perfect for vino chilling hee hee.

The time will pass so quickly without your little ones, lets make sure you have plenty of adventures to tell them of when they return eh? (wink wink) xxx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Well done for keeping busy and I love your fridge... is the drinks dispenser good? always fancied one of those... never managed to fit it into my "compact and bijoux" kitchen though! lol

I have so much housework to do that I end up sitting and looking at it... but I think now I have a sudden jolt of housewife'y ness! ;D

off to work I go... have a fab time in Wales... x


twiggypeasticks said...

Can you call in via Yorkshire on your trip to Wales :) sounds like you're doing very well to me, catch up on your sleep while you can !!
twiggy x

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

housework usually seems to distract me from things pretty well. i hope you're getting along a little better now. what a neat idea to use that metal piece for a memo board!

a mermaids purse said...

love your fridge wowza i need one! mines so small i have to do shopping every other day and gets expensive! i love the owls and chalk board! very funky!!!!
im really sorry to read your other posting- its hard isnt it- i send you big bundles of huggles heehee ;0)xxxx my followers page seems to be not showing when you post- bluming blogger!!
Sweet pea's off to her daddys for a long week end and i have to pack her things! always left til the last min so its like she's not going hehe...
keep strong and loves ,
kazzy xxxxx