Friday, 26 March 2010

I may not sleep tonight

with excitment.....for a change.

Tomorrow I go to see the handsome Si, oh and his mate. The Hairy Bikers!

A friend told me tonight that she met them at a bike show and they're actually miserable buggers when the cameras not rolling! :o

I hope she was just winding me up but I'll volunteer to put a smile on Si's face ;)


Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Oh my goodness!
I think I am THE most hugest fan of these guys! A pal of mine has asked me if I would like to go and see them when they're near here. I hope you have a great time, let me know how you get on Hun.
BF even raises his glass when out with his pals, with each new pint they say
'To Kingy!'
Hmmmmmm Kingy! LOL xxx
ps hope you're feeling a bit better, i'M so sorry about your awful news. xxxxx

Menopausal musing said...

Have the most fantastic time, and that's an ORDER! :o)

twiggypeasticks said...

Ha ha we had a great time ,there are some erm interesting costumes to look forward to :) I met Jools Holland once and he was incredibly shy, who would have thought it !!!
Have fun.
twiggy x

Kookie said...

LUCKY YOU!!! we love those Hairy Bikers :)
I hope you have a superfab time xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Um... Which one is Si? and I am pretty sure you could make them smile... have fun and enjoy!

x Alex

Lydia said...

Control yourself woman!

No, on second thoughts - Enjoy!!

Have oodles of fun


JuicyFig said...

hope you had a good time! I missed them when they were here a few weeks ago...


A Thrifty Mrs said...

Have fun! My in laws adore them and would be gutted to find them miserable.


Lydia said...

Mmmm but you don't get the 12 day old pants either.....

Have fun with your smalls this easter too

(& I mean the children, not your pants!)

Love Lydia xx