Sunday, 13 June 2010

People are mean

Big one is having issues with a 'friend.' I use the phrase friend very loosely.

Do you think bitchyness is catching? In fact how do you even learn how to be bitchy. I'm not talking about the everyday kind of bitchy that I'm sure we're all capable of. I'm talking about that mean kind of bitchy where you purposely try to undermine people, make they feel bad, draw others into your way of thinking.

I've studied psychology and sociology so I know about the theories of how and why some personalities try to bring those around them down to make themselves feel better etc etc etc But when it's your baby that's hurting....

Let's just say this Mama Bear is being pushed to her limits.


JuicyFig said...

Urgh! I read this streight after a phone call from my own baby fig who is now on her way home to tell me all about it.
I know what you mean about being a momma bear! grrrrrrr


lisa ridgeon said...

Girls really can be horrible. When i was at school i never knew where i was with the girls, one day they were all over me, the next they hated me so i hung out with the boys instead. The geeky ones who read physics books for fun. They were uncomplicated, steady friends. I've since found out that these girls don't change. Playground Mum's can be equally as nasty. As a result i have very few friends as i can't be bothered to play their games and have a particular dislike of being betrayed.

I really hope this situation rights itself soon.


twiggypeasticks said...

Oh that is pants !! bitchy folk are insecure nobodies who have to undermine others to boost their sad selves !! What I find amazing is that 6 year old boys do it too!! the funny thing is, Twiglet is so like his Dad it goes RIGHT over the top of his head :)
Twiggy x


I dont think these magazines help, some of the rubish they write, I saw one the other day 'How to wind up your Boyfriend' - whats all that about? Why would you want to hurt and upset the one you are supposed to love? And dont get me started on 'Celebreties' and their hyper lifestyles, stabbing one another in the back.
What happened to good old fashioned friendships, trust and girls standing together. Yes we had our fall outs, and a bit of a row, but not this insiduous sniping and emotional damage.

Ok off the soap box now - can you tell I feel strongly about this issue!
Give her a big hug.

Vicky x

The Vintage Kitten said...

Girls/woman can be awful. I used to work in a childrens nursery and even at that age the little girls would be in a clique and be quite horrible whereas the boys werent like that and played nicely with each other. I think some woman are mean no matter what age. I have come across the same in blogland, it surprises me how grown women can be so bitchy, if you dont 'fit in' then you arent welcome to blog with them. I much prefer mens company, I always have........... Im not surprised you are feeling pushed to your limits, it isnt nice when it is happening to one of your own. Tell her Aunty Kitten will come and smack them on the nose. I still have my Doctor Martins so I can always do a kick on the shins!!!! Seriously though, I was always told when I was younger if someone does something to you then do it back. This 'friend' is a bully and bullies always back off if you give them a taste of their own medicine X

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I think a lot of the teen television from america is very poorly written in some cases and doesn't show very decent behaviour.. the youngsters think its clever and pick up on it.. I have had a few instances of trouble like this and I have to admit I left it in the hands of the school... it dragged on for a month... the next time this happens I am going in like the raging bear and I will get it sorted straight away! lol

hope it works out for your big one! trouble is when they get to a certain age they have to start fending for themselves... its so hard!

x Alex

The Girl said...

Oh no I'm so sorry. I have no idea why girls are so horrible to each other but we are. Took me back to school days filled with nastiness - why were we doing it to each other (I'm not going to pretend I was innocent in it all because we all have a touch of it in us I think). What depresses me more is that I was mistaken in thinking that we would all grow out of it except the bitchiness continues it's just that people have houses and rings on the their fingers now.

Really hope it gets sorted out. I think it's some kind of horrific rite of passage we all have to go through.

(Thank you so much for your comment on my last post it meant a great deal to me)

ilovemyhouse said...

I'm afraid i am an ├╝ber Mama bear! So hard to do nothing when your are cubs hurt. XX