Friday, 30 March 2007

No thrifting fun today

:( Things conspired against me today and I didn't get to go to the local charity shop. I wonder what I missed out on. Ah well I'll just have to hope that whatever treasures there are will still be there on Monday.
So what can I share today instead....
Well here's a scarf that I knitted for a dear friend who I met off 43Things. She admired the scarves that I did as Christmas presents so how could I not make her one of her very own?

I sent her some beaded magnets of her name and a banana (don't ask) some Scottish sweeties and a Scotland babushka (sp) but totally forgot to take pictures of them - slapping self on forehead. Have to admit when she emailed me to thank me for the stuff I didn't know what a babushka was but worked out that she meant what we call a headsquare or headscarf. Culture differences again I suppose :D


mooniebutt said...

If you need pics of anything let me know! "Babushka" is Polish for head scarf. I'm 100% Polish and it's one of the two words I know. Yes, I loooove my scarf! Thank you. Thank you!

Taz said...

Well I learn something new everyday :D Thanks sweetie. Did you like how I made an M shape with the scarf in my picture? LOL How arty am I?