Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Here we go

Well I'm new to this blogging malarky as you will no doubt discover with my slap dash attempts of blogging but bear with me as I hope to use this blog to share all the crafty and thrifty goodness that comes my way. I was brought up in a house where most of our clothes were home made/knitted and if something broke then you tried your best to fix it because there was no money to just pop out to the shops and buy a new one. So despite my teenage rebellion when "I just want to wear something from the shops!" I have since returned to the "I could make that myself" frame of mind (especially since having my own small people) and love nothing better than rumaging around in our local charity (thrift) shops to find myself something wonderful.
Recently I have discovered fascinating sites online such as craftster.org and from various searches in the vain attempt of re-teaching myself crochet I have stumbled across some wonder blogspots. Wow I thought they're just like me so here I am. With my own shiny new blog :D

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