Thursday, 29 March 2007

Blobbing blobs

or as the case actually is bleeding stencil lines :(
Today I had a major lie in as I didn't even crawl into my bed until 6am. My own fault, was pulling an all nighter to get my Uni essay finished. Was so cold I didn't even realise I was cold until I got into bed next to a lovely toasty warm him indoors. You have to love a man who wakes up that early in the morning (probably by my radiating coldness - honest I didn't touch him!) and pulls you to him to try and warm you up enough so you can go to sleep.
Anyway once I'd had a few hours sleep the craft bug in me that has had to be horribly suppressed this week due to said essay sprang forth and I went on a bit of a craftfest. I love stencilling shirts and wee one and I had come up with the plan with doing a shirt for her friend who's birthday it was today. (Yes I know leave it till last minute) As you will see from my post title I've been having a few issues with stencil bleeding. I can't work out what's going on though as one shirt will be absolutely fine then the next one will bleed. Very frustrating. So this is the shirt we did today for wee one's friend

But wait the crafting did not stop there. I owe a lovely lady from craftster a shirt so that was painted today too, no pics as yet and again there was a bleed :( I could cry honestly I really could. Him indoors and the small people think I'm too much of a perfectionist - maybe I am but when you're giving it to someone else you like it to be the best you can do no?
This is the cutest wee bear that she sent me as a swap for the stencilled shirt. Here she is overseeing my stencil cutting skills

So after all that cutting and painting I finally sat down and devoted the time to sew together the polar bear that I knitted for wee one before Xmas - yes I know bad mummy :( And here he is...

He's my first attempt at a knitted soft toy and I think I should have popped a bit more stuffing into his belly as his legs look out of proportion now but she loves him and he's already been named Poley and has been taken off to bed with her tonight. :D

So tomorrow is thrifting day. Our local charity shop only opens two days a week, Monday and Thursdays and as I missed Monday due to writing THE essay I'm off to shop tomorrow so here's hoping I have some good finds to share tomorrow.

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