Tuesday, 5 October 2010

More cake vicar?

This blog is starting to look like a cake shop. :) But I guess that's not such a bad thing.

Wee one turns 10 tomorrow, the big double figures. She's very excited. I'm stunned that my wee cherub is going to be 10, where the flip did the last 10 years go?

Anyway as we're off on our hollybobs next weekend she had a birthday sleepover with one of her wee pals this weekend so of course I had to make a cake.

This week's colours were Ice blue and Chesnut.

Yes that pink icing is supposed to be Chestnut - I always thought chestnut's were brown but never mind.

And yes I did go a bit mad with the toppings didn't I? :D

Now her original request for her birthday cake was a microphone but by Monday that had changed to a Mermaid.
I hope she's not changed her mind as this is what I've come up with.

I need to stop staring at it now as I'm just noticing all the faults. Keep your fingers crossed for me that wee one is happy with it.


a mermaids purse said...

well it just had to be a mermaid!!!!
hehehehe!!! i love it- im sure she will too bless her!!! Happy birthday bestest wishes and hope you all have a super duper day! i love the colours of your cakeys! ;0)xxxx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Holy cow taz.... thats one way out cake! lol

I love it... can you imagine MIL's face is I offered her a piee of blue and pink cake? hilarious... I love hte way the jam has turned the sponge slightly purple! fantastic cake my dear... and thank you for the offer of the flask and cake if you were closer I would take you up on that... ;D

x Alex

auntiegwen said...

Yummy :)

A very happy birthday to your wee cherub xx

bekimarie said...

WOW double figures, seems so grown up!
The cakes are great hun, love the mermaid but I love the colour of the first cake bestest :)
Wish the wee one a very Happy Birthday from Me, hope she has a fabby day!

B xxx


Wow! funky mermaid - how cool i that!
Made me smile!

Vicky x

The Girl said...

Oh my god blue cake!! BEST THING EVER!

The mermaid is fandabbydozy, really wish I could do things like that.

Em said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Hope the birthday girl has a brilliant day.
Taz your cakes look absolutely amazing...if I wasn't selling my soul to Slimming World at the mo I'd insist you sent me a slice!
We're going on our jollies too this weekend which I'm very excited about!
Hope you have a lovely time.
Em xxxxxx

Menopausal musing said...

You are one incredible cake maker! Love the colours and think the mermaid is brilliant. Supermum!

Twiggy said...

That is one fab cake. Happy Birthday to your not so wee, wee one !!
twiggy x