Friday, 8 October 2010

How soon do you pack?

The smalls and I are off to Tunisia with my friend and her wee boy at the weekend for two weeks of sun, sun and sun oh and fun. She's been packed and ready to go for over a week, I've yet to pack. There are a few things thrown in the case but no proper, formal, folded, proper packing.

So I was just wondering... when do you pack for a holiday? And I do mean proper, all packed, zip done up, labels attached packed. Yes that is how packed my lovely friend is. :)

We're looking forward to lots of this kind of thing but I am NOT getting on no camel!

And I think I'm going to end up dragging my pal out of these places. She's already upped her baggage allowance for all the goodies she knows she'll end up buying. LOL

Tomorrow I plan on making a list and going about the house collecting all the holiday clothes that the smalls were supposed to leave in their suitcases freshly washed and ironed (by me I should add!) after their holiday with their Dad but have instead snuck into their wardrobes. I will be packed by the night before, I promise ;)

Oh and wee one LOVED her birthday mermaid cake - thank you to everyone for your lovely comments about it and her birthday wishes. xx


Em said...

Oh my god..guess where we're headed at the weekend too...Tunisia!!!
and as we're flying at 7am sunday morning I probably wont pack until saturday night, nice and organised as always!
Have you been to Tunisia before? If not its a brill country full of amazing people and places, hope you all have a lovely time, and of course if you see a 'fuller figured' bright red head..say HI !!
Em xxxxxx

auntiegwen said...

I fly to Turkey next Friday at 3 pm, I will pack Friday at 9 am. If I pack too early I just have to take everything out the case! x

bekimarie said...

I'm a day before packer!
You are going to be very much missed, what am I going to do for 2 whole weeks without you ;)
That said, you make sure that you and those lovely girls of yours have the bestest time!

B xxx

The Girl said...

Have a lovely time away!! I'm not jealous at all.

I'm afraid I'm probably in the same camp as your friend. When I went to France I was leaving on the Sunday afternoon but I was packed and zipped up on Friday night. And I thought that was kind of late!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Crumbs I can't remember when I use to get packed up by... probably a couple of days before.... its been 13 years since I had a proper holiday, the kids have never been away on holiday... just day trips...
I wish you all a fantastic trip... and yeah "I ain't getting on no camel" or eating a lambs eye! I do hope you watched idiot abroad last night otherwise what I just wrote will make no sense at all! lol

x Alex

Twiggy said...

Have a fantastic time !! I finish my packing usually the night before but I'm still stuffing bits in cases on the way out of the door, while Mr Twigs tutts and rolls his eyes :)
Twiggy x

Deanna said...

Sweet Taz!
I hope you have a wonderful time in Tunisia. Take lots of photos for us so we can see the wondrous sites you visited

Deanna :D

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Ohhhhh...have a fab time Hun! x

Em said...

Are you packed yet?
I think I am except for my camera charger because its still charging and earrings...need to find earrings.
Em xxx