Wednesday, 27 January 2010

We have ways

Is it just my local charity shop ladies or is it just me? Yesterday I took a wander down to my charity shop, as I can now because I'm not at work for the whole time it's open, and after persuing the books and crockery I asked to see the button boxes.

The lovely grey haired, usually mild mannered, lady immediately asked me "Why?" eyeing me suspiciously.

"Because I'd like to have a look please" I replied.

"Hmmm. What is it you're after exactly?"

"Nothing in particular I just like to have a look to see if any catch my eye."

Honestly the way she hovered over me when I was finally allowed access to them, you'd think I was away to throw them all in my pocket and run away to Brazil with the riches of the world.

I did buy some lovely green buttons but even then I felt I'd done something wrong. Maybe she just loves her buttons too and doesn't like anyone else taking them away. Maybe one day I'll be the old lady in the charity shop who tries to hide the button tins. LOL


Anonymous said...

hahaha...and heres me buying whole tins of buttons with a friendly smile and a curious question of....what you making?

twiggypeasticks said...

It's the power it's gone to her head, I bet she growl, and will you be wanting a bag for that :) The bloke that's in my fave shop when I go in on a Monday is lovely. We have a chinwag about Twiglet and his grandson who is the same age. Ask me any question about him and I bet I know the answer :)
Twiggy x

Shabby Chick said...

Ohhhh dear, you must look like a shifty young thing to her, you weren't wearing a hoodie were you?! I think some old people deliberately cultivate weird habits just to scare us!

Mel xxx

Menopausal musing said...

At least they keep the buttons where you are..... I am always on the hunt for plastic or bamboo knitting needles, always have to ask and always am told "no" we don't have any. Someone told me they don't "do" them any more because of health and safety, but I don't know just how true that is..... Hope you are enjoying your new found "freedom".

Pink Feather Paradise said...

ooohhhh the sacred button tip... I hope you had a good rummage!

that picture looks just like my granny! she was a hard nut!

x Alex

Pink Feather Paradise said...

duh... I meant "tin"....


Deanna said...

Hey there! Missed you terribly! How are you doing Taz? I've been MIA but now getting to where it's not so painful looking at my blog. (I'll tell you the story at a later date) but I'll be back for good in March.

Deanna :D

Anonymous said...

Should I rub it in and tell you I have one of them on my side.
An Elderly neighbour who informs me of sewing misc...when she sees it come into the charity shop she works in.
If you email me your address I could share my button welth with you :)
(you could think of it as a belated Thank You for that book)
Take care

a mermaids purse said...

i just fell off my chair in a fit of the giggles! i know exactly what u mean- there is quite a few of charity shop ladies who hold on to things in hope they dont sell hehe...i like the glass cabinets when i ask to have a look at something they say "well are you going to buy it?...well, yes if i can see it closely first! hehe...i dont think they do want somethings to sell- lovely blog!xxxx

The Caked Crusader said...

That is a brilliant photo for the post - love it!