Thursday, 21 August 2008

A day of questions

Why do they get the kids back to school then strike the day after? Honestly!
And when is all the rain going to go away?
I know I've just decorated the bathroom but I did it fully clothed so why do I have paint on my belly?
Why do Chinese takeaways not give detailed descriptions of what their meals are so that I could chose something different without worrying that I'll hate it?

Anyway at least the kids are back at school now so I can get back to some serious crafting which is a good thing as I've two swaps due soon. :o

New Ings coming your way...

watching... the rain.

listening to... The Ting Tings new album.

eating... Chinese Takeaway.

shooting... it's raining and I've not made anything for ages so nothing.

buying... Some wee gnomes that hide in your pot plants.

selling... some days it feels like my soul but actually nothing at the moment.

gossiping... with the lads at work at what we think should be done with Gary Glitter.

completing... painting the bathroom.

wondering... when the smalls will go to sleep so I can go to bed.

And I thought I'd just share with you some lovely heart rocks.

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