Monday, 27 September 2010


Man it's getting chilly. I think this winter is going to be a long one. The smalls, well mostly big one to be fair, have been asking when the heating is going on and I've told them not until we get back from our holiday at the end of October. Not a popular answer. LOL

Right I have some lovely pictures of the lovely goodies I recieved from a certain lovely lady called Em over at Garden Peas and Fleas.

I was feeling a bit poorly sick when it arrived so it was a proper little pick me up opening it all up in my sick bed.

There is lots and lots of pictures as Em spoilt me - thank you so much Em.

The box is a pretty colour.

Now what can be in here?

Ooooh pretty paper. :)

I'm loving this card, I'm going to look for a frame so I can put it up on my kitchen wall.

This brooch is so pretty. I'm guessing you made it Em - clever girl. ;)

This wee tin is too cute and perfect if you remember the tile I bought from my local charity shop a while back.

And it's full of buttons. I LOVE buttons!

Gorgeous smelling candles that I'm saving for the right winter's evening. ;)

A cute wee jug which has pride of place on my kitchen dresser.

Fabulous spotty material.

How fab is this wee chalk board?

A bookmark which is great as even though I have several I always end up losing them and using a bit of paper. This one will NOT get lost. It is a bookmark isn't it Em?

The whole glorious shebang.

Thank you soooo much Em and everyone else please pop over to her blog and say hello and see her fantabulous (yes that is a word) crochet skills.


winnibriggs said...

What a lovely parcel, arriving just at the right time by the sounds of it. Hope you are fit and well now and able to enjoy your goodies!

auntiegwen said...

Aawh a lovely parcel full of cheer. I bet that brightened up your day :)

I won't put my heating on before Ocotber 1st, I'm not madly popular around here either

The Girl said...

Wow that's an amazing haul - best giveaway ever!!

Glad it cheered you up when you weren't feeling brilliant.

I hear you about the heating - I was brought up in a house where the heating didn't come on unless your hands turned blue. Any requests to turn it on were met with the response - "Put on a jumper" - it's saved me a fortune on electricity bills since I've been a 'grown up'!!

Emma said...

What a sweet little box I want one!
I really like that little blackboard very cute.
How nice of Em to send you all those fab

JuicyFig said...

I hope you feel better soon - gorgeous parcel!
I was overuled with the heating - after telling everyone to just put on a jumper and some wooly socks - they sneaked upstairs and put it on anyway!